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Keypoint Controls will provide long service about hazardous chemicals supply, transportation, tank storage investment and construction, project registration and acceptance inspection, operation and maintenance, hazardous chemicals waste recovery etc.

Slogan: Special Thing is made by Special Team! 

一、Hazardous Chemicals project instruction

It is a tough work to use hazardous chemicals for non-petroleum and non-chemical enterprise. Usually, people will choose a piece of land to be special area in the factory, in the area, people will construct tank storage, unloading device and pipelines etc for hazardous chemicals. Hazardous chemicals project must be reported and be approved by the government, the owner will spend a long time and much money to operate this project.

Keypoint Controls is a professional company to provide service about hazardous chemicals supply. Customers will provide a piece of land as the special area, Keypoint will invest to construct tank storage and install equipments in this area, and Keypoint will make a contract about hazardous chemicals supply with customers, the operation such as hazardous chemicals supply chemical waste recovery and device operation and maintenance will be operated by Keypoint.

The scope of hazardous chemicals is huge, including explosive materials, compressed gas and liquid, flammable liquid, combustible solid, peroxide, poison and corrosive etc. Keypoint will provide service about all scope.

二、Hazardous chemicals project registration, construction, acceptance inspection and operation

The process of hazardous chemicals project is complicated, people like project manager will communicate with officer in local government, the process is following:。


三、Hazardous chemicals registration

Please refer toby the State Council in 1st December 2011. The process is following:

Register enterprise information--Submit application--Fill in a form with information--Download registration table—Send paper material—Get registration certificate


四、Construction and Operation of hazardous chemicals tank storage area

  1. 1.Design

  2. The design will be operated by Class A qualification institute in China, the design scope is including basic configuration such as tank storage, unloading area, weighbridge area, waste recovery area and control room etc and other facilities such as fire-fighter and EMD etc.

2.Procurement and installation of equipments in hazardous chemicals tank storage area

Keypoint will make a highly cost-effective, safety and long-term operation system under the budget. All equipments will be purchased by Keypoint, and be installed by construction company which has Class A chemical installation qualification.

3.Acceptance inspection of project and operation of tank storage area

The operator will communicate with officers in different department in local government.

五、Supply, Transportation and daily operation of hazardous chemicals

The procurement principle of hazardous chemicals is purchasing in nearest area with best quality.

The metering equipments will be installed in tank storage area, such as weighbridge and gauge metering etc.

The owner can inspect hazardous chemicals supply channel with Keypoint, Keypoint will provide Third-Party detection service about hazardous chemicals quality, in storage area, the necessary detection instruments will be configured to detect quality.

The single control room will be designed in tank storage area, Operators who are from Keypoint will work in 24 hours per day.

六、Hazardous chemicals waste recovery and disposition

There is different way to deal with different chemical materials. 

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