Farm management system


TMS is an integrated management system which is belonging to MES, It can send instructions to control system and transmit necessary data to ERP system via process control system connector. The production business process operation and management in the whole tank field can be completed by TMS, including materials transmit-receive operation, inventory tracking, condition monitoring of the whole tank field, inventory materials modification, inventory calculation, data of volume mass metering collection, operation about water replacement and tank washing etc, The data management business such as operation record and transmit-receive account in tank field can also be completed by TMS. At the same time, TMS can direct and manage the post operation with operation data analysis. The operation efficiency will be more improved and the management level will be more standard and promoted in tank field by TMS.

TMS network of Keypoint’s is usually adopted with B/S (browser or server mode) structure, for the staff in the business management department or the director in tank field, they don’t need install special software for the computer but do the operation such as data collection, editing, management, inquiring, statistics, printing and issue on line etc for the system through Web server with browser authorization.TMS of Keypoint’s is a modular and custom-made system.

TMS is including:

Automatic control:




4.Video surveillance subsystem

5.Access control management

6.Inspect system

Business management

1.Materials transfer(Loading/Unloading/Tank replacement/pipeline transfer etc.)

2.Materials tracking

3.Storage and Inventory management

4.Materials category management

5.Customer management

6.Vehicles/Ships management

7.Equipment assets management

8.Indent/Contract management

9.Transportation and sale statement


11.ERP connector

There are three parts in automatic control system, on the bottom, there are the field instruments including liquidometer, temperature sensor and pressure sensor etc. In the middle, the controller like PLC/DCS/FCS is connected with the field instruments through Fieldbus or Modbus. On the top, there is automatic control system software with TCP/IP internet structure.


1.The system is open.

2.The system is reliability.

3.The system will meet operating requirements with high-accuracy measurement.

4.The system is integrated and convenient to use.

5.The system is safe.

Automatic function:

1.Monitoring function: Real-time monitoring running status in the operating process, collecting measurement data from instruments on the site.

2.Automatic control function: Set up relevant controls parameter on the top, send control command through system calculation, the system will be automatic controlled in the operating process.

3.Warning function: Warning signal will be sent until detect data reach critical value.

4.Data reduction function: The real-time and historical data will be derived with Excel form by analyze data and curve record.


Data management function: Record, Save and Modification. All the inquired and deleted data will be lead and derived into Excel function.

Characteristic of automatic control: 

Analog display of site processing

Full-automatic and half-automatic control mode system

Real-time monitoring 

Automatic calculation of medium in tank area and software, automatic conversion between volume and quality

Real-time warning function

Safety permission setting, prevent operation without authorization

Statement inquiry and print

Real-time tendency and historical inquiry

Operating record inquiry


The automatic control system will take full advantage of communication function of intelligent instruments on the site, the bus mode will be used priority (such as FF, Profbus, Hart and Modbus) and it will save too much cost about cable and construction, at the same time, the system will have AMS for all instruments with advantage of intelligent instruments, the instruments information management level will be increased.

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