High pressure cleaning system


1、Air Manifold

Used for Chemical/Power site utility air distribution and control panel, with multiple air line switch, pressure 

regulating function, could open/cabinet for indoor/outdoor: 

1. Media               Instrument air

2.Flow rate         Fabricated according to requirement

3.Pressure             Fabricated according to requirement

4. Adjust               Pressure adjust availble

As per picture below, the detail design would follow/adapt site space requirement design, fabricating; After manufacture the whole system tested according to ITP,on site the enduser only need to fix the skid on site and connect the tubing, which saved plenty of time, site installation work; the panel are easy for mantainence.


2、High Pressure washing syste

The High pressure washing system, which is based on Tri-Plunger pump, used for all reactor/process equipment/tank washing after each batch of Chemical reacts. Or could be used for de-rusting for ship building/structure. 

1. Pressure          0~600 barg,higher pressure please consult sales

2.Flow rate       0~15m3/h, higher flow rate please consult sales

3. Control           With PLC local control or DCS remote control

4. Temp.             0~90Deg C working temperature, higher temperature please consult sales

5. Ex-class          For all Ex-proof class

6. Voltage          380VAC/690VAC

7. Piping            Could supply different downstream piping material/construction

The system working pressure on the picture is 450 bar, system design pressure 690 bar; flow rate 6 m3/h


3、Dosing skid

Used for all kinds of chemical dosing requirement, main data as follows:

  1. 1. Media           Could be anything with/without corrosion requirement;

  2. 2.Flow rate     Min system flow rate could be 0.06m3/h and even smaller;

3. Pressure       Could be designed as customer requirement, if higher than 500 barg, please consult sales

4. Temp           0-80 deg.c    

5. control         Could be designed according to customer requirement for different Pressure, flow, concentration control; 

                        Turndown ratio 1:800.

The picture shows a dosing skid used for high Corrosion/toxic fluid, min flow rate 0.06m3/h, and all main parts like Meter, Dosing pump located in a sealed cabinet.


 4、Pressure/flow regulating skid

Used for all kinds of Chemical/Power site process steam, liquid, gas, pressure/flow rate regulating.

  1. 1.  Media          Steam, liquid, and GAS

  2. 2.Flow            According to process;

  3. 3. Pressure       According to process;

  4. 4. Temp           According to process;

  5. 5. Control        According to process

  6. The picture shows the steam regulating skid, made by specified site installation space, with remote control, Pressure monitoring, flow monitoring, and after FAT, the whole skid shipped overseas, for site installation, only need fix on the concrete and connect the process pipeline, save plenty time of installation and labor cost. 

  7. Especially for process modification, we could design the skid with the space/time limit.  


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