Skid service


 In order to meet the needs of users of integrated equipment, Keypoint developed a variety of loading and measurement of the loading skid and metering skid. The advanced system design philosophy, the solid work of 3D design software to carry on the overall design, fully consider the pipeline position, pipeline stress analysis, three-dimensional simulation skid installed equipment movement process, optimization of skid manufacturing.

 Loading skids integrated with measurement, process piping, electrical, instrumentation, automation and safety interlock, main equipment has flowmeter, filter, batch controller, pressure/temperature transmitters, loading arm, and all of them with the connection pipelines fixed on the common base. All systems and equipment are assembled in our factory, make fully tested before shipment, and overall transported to the project site, connect the utility, fluid pipeline, control and electrical connection can be put into use, greatly reducing the workload of installation and commissioning.

According to different application, Keypoint tailor made skid with the site condition.

Aviation oil loading skid


Cryogenic loading skid (liquefied Ammonium)


High temperature application loading skid (Caprolactam)


Cryogenic loading skid (LNG -176 deg.C)


Metering skid

Metering skid is widely used in the field of custody transfer for ship loading in large petrochemical oil refining enterprise. Using high precision trade level mass flowmeter, the flow capacity, integrated pressure compensation, the valve control, communication and other functions, greatly solve the flowmeter for large flow, over large diameter valve on-site installation of design, construction problems. Users only need to identify the flow requirements and accuracy requirements; the design go through of three-dimensional simulation pipeline pressure loss, pipeline specification, assembling process, etc. 

3D Drawing


Reference Photo


Technical spec.:

Flow rate::0-1500M3/h




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